This work explores and brings life to small spaces of insignificance. This collection facilitates a sense of curiosity, whilst simultaneously evoking emotion and physical movement by the viewer. I hope to provide a clean and abstract aesthetic, therefore, drawing attention to detail and minimizing distractions. These spaces are created to seek minimalism. A single photograph will allow the viewer to find beauty in the simplicity and detail. Viewers will find themselves moving through the image. This allows the eye to travel through the work and find pleasure in the experience the photograph generates. Often I catch myself fixating on minute details that can be overlooked or unseen in the everyday environment.   This action of seeing the unseen sparks my attention. I see this work as a self portrait where I’m allowing the camera to be an extension of my eye, thus enabling me to create a physical image of these intimate moments. The work of Barnett Newman, Mark Rothko, and Nathanial Young are my driving inspiration, due to their ambitious step in the refinement of conceptual and elementary aspects of abstract art.

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