I'm available for local projects, any travel inquiries and potential employment opportunities. Use the form to hear about rates, availablity or just to say hi!

Cell Phone : (303) 803- 0702

Email :


Do you shoot film, digital or both?

Yes, both! 

What camera gear do you use?

Canon 5D Mark V

Lenses: 35mm, 50mm, 85mm

For fun Camera's: Nikkormat Film w/ 50mm + 75mm-200mm lenses, and the Canon M50 w/ 15mm- 45mm lens

What do you mostly like to shoot?

Lifestyle + Portrait photography 

I also love to shoot interiors, couples, and studio. I have a wide range of possibilities and I'm into all of it!  Inquire for more info, I would love to work together on your next project. 

Do I travel?

YES! I love traveling with clients. I am based in Orange County, California but, am always open to travel outside of my base. I have been to several states outside of California and to a couple countries. To get more inforamtion on this type of arrangement, please get in touch on my contact page. I will give you all the details and pricing. 

How many photos can we expect? 

For a 2 hour session, 100+ images. For a 4 hour session, 200+ images.

Do you offer Package Rates?

Yes, contact me and I will gladly send them over.

Do you offer mothly memberships? 

Yes, please get in touch at and we can discuss the different opportunities, quantity of sessions, and pricing. 

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